We are WildFlowers

Living and Surviving

July 1, 2014

Living and Surviving

When it rains; it pours. It’s been a tough time theses last couple of months. When there’s only one person working in a household and there is a drop in the income, it’s nothing you can do but downsize.

Living with a illness that affects your mind and body it’s hard to live with but even harder trying to survive. I don’t know where I would be or what I would do without my husband being a provider for the both of us. He understands but I feel worthless, I have applied to some jobs but no luck. I’ve been out of work for years and I really don’t know if my health is getting any better. I just want to live but how can one live; if you’re working to survive.

My husbands working a full time and part time job, so to make up for the lost income but now it’s too late and we have to move from where we are and owning money here at a apartment is stopping us from renting somewhere else. We have a hopeful choice that we’re waiting to hear back from, so I pray we can get it.

Times like this makes me wish I had some big time career and making enough money to handle situations like this. I don’t even have disability, and can’t waste time on that because I don’t even have a doctor. What good am I?

But as husband and wife we ate in this together, but I’m tired of trying to survive; I want to live.

Father God we need a miracle, please help us out of this hole we are in. You have always provided us with sheather, allow someone to be a true blessing to us. I pray to you today Lord because every blessing that has come our way has turned on us and is not an option any longer. Please help us figure this all out God in Jesus name Amen.


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