We are WildFlowers

Heavy Head

July 8, 2014

Heavy Head

I have so much tension that my head feels like it’s about to explode. When I lay down a certain way, my head can feel like a brick.

It’s the most craziest feeling, and the tension in my neck has been very severe. Feels like a big muscle on the right side of my neck is tight. Then in the back of my neck, heck okay it’s my entire neck all around. Not stiff to the point I can’t move, but very aching and sore.

Nothing I do is making me feel better, which I can’t seem to get too much done without becoming tired lately. Just walking around for a certain period of time or having to stand up for too long.

I can’t drink enough, but drinking something makes me feel sick as well. Water makes extra salvia that causes me to want to gag sometimes. At times when I breath heavy, or swallow I feel a soreness on the right side of my neck.

Can’t forget the face pain, that is sharp and hurts, makes me feel like my body is going into shock. Around the jaw line, ear, down the neck. Along with sharp pains that come and go in my head. Sometimes if I raise up to fast or sit back down to quickly, this like heaviest comes in my head. Recently it happened and it was on left side of my head mostly, and made me feel cloudily.

It’s been tough trying to function, I’m kind of just here.

I feel calm, anger and sad; hopeful but worried.


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