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Made It Another Day

July 16, 2014

I Made It Another Day

I’m so tired from today, I really don’t plan on getting up out of bed tomorrow unless I’m going to the bathroom. I just need to really rest. But I guess that’s what fatigue does, I feel unrested.
Another today was okay and I laughed a lot again, but tomorrow I will be home alone for a good while I plan in sleeping (hopefully) if my body will allow me to relax enough.

I’m so tired that I haven’t been able to focus my thoughts on anything for myself. That is very frustrating when you have something to finish writing.

I’m doing things but the aches are gradually getting more annoying day by day and I just want to stop. Very excited for the next two days, I think I won’t be bothered. Yay!

It’s so crazy how I crave to be alone so much now in my life, when do many years I was wanting to spend my time with someone always. Now I get irritated so easily and dealing with myself with all the different problems, that in it self is a lot. I don’t have the patience to deal with a lot of people. Pick and choose is what I have to do.

Mostly I’ve been dealing with being tired, itchy dry skin and right at this moment face/jaw sore, aching, stiffness pain.




Comments on: "Made It Another Day" (1)

  1. I understand the desire to just be alone a lot. It’s so difficult to deal with other ppl sometimes. I also get that bad face/jaw pain. :-/


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