We are WildFlowers

Weighing Me Down

July 19, 2014

Weight Weighing Me Down

Had a very good day, went out with my husband to the mall after a nice lunch. When I walked into Macy’s and saw a dress, it caught my eye. Wasn’t sure if I would be able to even fit it, (a size 16) but I was hopeful. I knew I had dropped a few pounds.
In the dressing room as I pulled the dress down over my head and it fit, I was so surprised and I actually could see my shape. I STILL HAVE S SHAPE! It’s coming back, but I still have a long way to go.
Today was great motivation for me, and I was truest happy.
It’s amazing how moving and being in a different environment changes you in many ways. In a short amount of time I’ve dropped pounds that I though would never drop, just by moving and being in a new place.
I don’t want to fail at this anymore, I hope this good feeling continues.


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