We are WildFlowers


July 21, 2014


If you suffer from insomnia and fatigue you will understand my pain I’m about to tell you. Normally I am on point about being up when my husband gets home from third shift early in the morning.
Now we just had to move in my aunt house so we don’t have a key yet, I have to get up and unlock the door for him, but I didn’t hear my phone and I was sleep; yes for a change I was really sleep. And sleeping good by the way, but my husband couldn’t get inside, I woke up to find a text message: wake up baby.
I was so devastated and begin to text and call him like crazy to see where he was, if he was alright. He didn’t call me back until this afternoon, after talking to him I began crying because he made me feel as if it was my fault. He said I know what time he gets off, he couldn’t get inside.
I cried and felt bad because for the first time I a long time I actually go some sleep. He did t know I was sad but he said sorry after I spoke to him, I just feel like I’m always trying to be on pony about everything for everyone even myself and when I happen to mess up its the biggest problem. Like no one else messes up from time to time.
I have been crying a lot more lately, I just recently cried myself to sleep one night well it was early morning. I guess I been holding a lot in and my emotions are on high.


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