We are WildFlowers


July 22, 2014


What is your passion?
No matter if you are just starting, are good at it or maybe even perfected your skills; whatever your passion is do it and keep doing it no matter what.
I know that for some depending on what that passion is, pain has caused you to stop, maybe you just need to find something new to love and enjoy.
And for some the pain has just slowed you down, but you do the best you can and that is all you can ask of yourself. I feel it doesn’t matter how slow or fast you go; just as long as you don’t stop.
My passion is writing and I may not be the best at it, not that good at punctuation, but I can’t stop. Many times I have come to a long pause because I felt I was wasting my time, I will never get money from this to be able to live; but I can’t survive without writing. I have no life without it, it’s my heart. Many times have wanted to quit and I felt as if I had, because of “fibro fog” it has made it difficult to write; it takes forever sometimes to figure out how to remember to spell a word correctly. I’ve cried because I thought I won’t be able to try and write a book ever again, because all the bad reviews I got weighed me down and I felt I couldn’t do any better because my brain just wasn’t working the same as it used to. My stories were not making sense, my thoughts of my characters were all over the place just as my own were. The bit of order I had, wasn’t in order at all it was a mess.
So I not only write blogs I also write books (well doing my best) I still don’t feel good enough to call myself an author because I feel it takes more and I need to be at a higher level. I just think of myself as a writer, no matter what I’m always writing something all the time.
I’m working on a story right now, and most would probably say that my books are more of short stories, but as long as it takes me to write them; they seem long enough to me. I just hope one day I get to that level of writing I want to achieve (be in stores) until then I will keep doing what I’m doing. It’s my passion and its how I breathe.


Comments on: "Passion" (3)

  1. Your passion is not that for which you do not have to work, or that for which the work doesn’t feel like work, but that for which you are willing to work – even when the work is grueling.



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