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August 6, 2014

Having My Cake and Eating It

I know sugar is not good for me, maybe just large amounts of sugar isn’t good, but I got stay away from it all the time. And how can you turn down sweets that are FREE!

Today I am enjoying a piece of red velvet cake and I feel I deserve it, rewarding myself for not giving up.

We all have our things that we just can’t seem to say no too and good cake is one of mine. And trust I have many more but how many times does one get to say I had my cake and I ate it too.

I letting my body recover today but I’m going to take my mile walk again tomorrow, so why not treat myself today for what I will endure the next day.

Mmm….it’s so good.





Comments on: "Having My Cake and Eating It" (8)

  1. Yum! That cake looks delish & one slice won’t hurt. Right? Lol


  2. Ummm yeah, I agree. You do deserve it that once in a while. I have to say sweets is also my biggest downfall. Love them too much and makes this gluten free diet that much harder.
    Been slacking off on my diet and eating all things with gluten and oh my goodness am I feeling the consequences so much off getting off track of my diet.
    Today I get back on track though. I need to, because this flare up is costing me too much of my time to be waisted on not getting much done.
    Going to go get my smoothie on! 😉 lol!


  3. Sending love… I have been unsuccessful as a baker – they always come out soggy and awful – but I have a friend who bakes gluten free with Swerve as a sweetener and her husband and kids love it. I have to eat gluten free and low glycemic index to keep my inflammation in check – and it DOES!


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