We are WildFlowers


August 8, 2014

Today I just feel tired, yet I feel ok. I’m up but I’m not up. I haven’t stopped, but slowed down to rest today.

I’m so very sleepy, but not sleep. My chosen relaxing spot today is my bed, underneath covers with my phone, laptop and the remote to the television; I am set.

Checked my blood pressure and it was higher than it has been since the last time I checked it, so maybe that’s why I’m extra tired today. Feeling as if I can’t catch my breath or really relax completely. Guess maybe an uptight feeling.

I’ve slowed down my body today, but my mind makes me feel as if I’m overworking myself still. But my thoughts make me who I am I guess, so I live with it. Because most times when I’m like this and I fall asleep; I come up with the best ideas.

It may seem as though I’ve stopped today; but I’m still going strong.



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