We are WildFlowers

Be Nice Body Of Mine

August 19, 2014

It’s 12:41am and I’m not asleep, have to be up at 5am; which is normally my bedtime. I’ve been trying to sleep since about 11pm and I just hope my body is going to be kind to me this morning. I know you must be a bit curious to know why I’m waking up so early. Well there’s this big sale at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, Hanes brand sample sale.
Items as low as dollar and living on a budget, this sale looks really good to me. My mom and aunt have shower me things they have gotten from there and it’s nice stuff. I’m a heavy set woman so bras are not cheap, so I’m hoping to find my size [its been years since I brought a bra] Anyways, it may sound crazy but I’m going to see what I can get. I think I may have to sleep in the car because I’m wide awoke ready to get dressed now.

OMG! I am so tired. We got to the fairgrounds and everybody and they momma was out there. I ha to stand outside in a line for about 3-4 hours only moving maybe an inch every 5mins and sometimes not at all. I got to the point I just had to sit on the ground. I hadn’t even don’t anything yet and my lower back, legs and feet were hurting already.
Once we finally got inside the building at around little after 12pm, after being there since 8:40am. Having to dig through boxes to find your size and also the line to checkout was just as long as the line to get in. So when it was time to go, that was another like 2 hours of standing. I slide myself across a dirty floor, so I wouldn’t have I stand. Legs and feet where trembling by the end and so sore. And my hands and fingers that had been already bothering me, became worst and my head hurts. Even after eating, so it must be from just being exhausted.
Overall it was a good day being with my mom, two aunts and cousin. But I don’t plan on doing anything the rest of this week. I want to stay home and rest my body. And after a day like this of so much standing; it will take days to recover.


I do wish I had of thought about video taping myself yesterday, and the Lin line I was in and all the people, but I was so tired I wasn’t thinking clearly the entire day.



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