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Waking Up This Morning

August 20, 2014

Waking up this morning [6:30am] I feel like I did before finding out about fibromyalgia and how I used to feel when I pushed myself and I didn’t understand what it would do to me. Already last night after lying on the couch I cramped up and it was severe and hurt so bad, brought tears to my eyes. I cried out, “this hadn’t happened in a long time.” I scared my husband who was beside me, I went for his hand. I squeezed his hand as the pain was shooting me in and around my life side [ribcage, breast, underneath breast area] the pain “radiated” and spread when I moved. I had to stay still for awhile. I asked my husband to get me my water bottle. I sipped some water and relaxed a bit as much as I could and then was able to move, got up to go to bed.

“I feel like I did when my entire body cramped up from head to toe for the very first time, before finding out about fibromyalgia and I was so afraid of what was happening to me. I could not move for which seemed forever, pain like I never felt before.”

My throat is sore upon waking up, want to drink something warm, I wonder how it will be when I try to get up and walk? I haven’t moved yet and I’m getting a pulsating pain a bit around my right breast area. Also a pulling feeling in my left collar bone. [both feelings come and go.]
I’m gagging like crazy, when I swallow, drinking something warm is helping a bit.

I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would, decided to sit up in the living room for awhile. The warm mug just slipped a bit in my hand, so glad I didn’t drop it.

One thing that makes my day better is wearing my Hanes Women’s X-Temp™ Thermal Printed Crew; I’m loving them. Someone asked me was the pain of yesterday worth standing in the line, waiting and this was worth it. Regular price like $14.00 and I got it yesterday for $4.00. It was worth it for me. They are so comfortable and it really does
adapt to temperature when wearing them. I normally get very hot when I wear long pants and or sleeves to bed, but I was ok sleeping last night. [no night sweats.]

▪️X-Temp™ technology adapts to temperature, environment and activity to keep you cool and dry for all day comfort.
Soft, waffle knit thermal cotton-rich fabric gives you comfortable warmth.
Tag-free for itch-free comfort.
Shrinkage controlled for lasting size and shape retention.
Sturdy seam construction for added strength and durability with smooth, flat no rub seams to prevent chafing.
Comfortable rib knit cuffs stretch to keep their shape. http://www.hanes.com/clothing/women/intimates/womens-thermal-underwear/hanes-womens-x-temp-thermal-printed-crew-shirt-25452

I’m sure my body is going to be in a lot of weird pains today, but I’m going to try and rest, rest, rest.



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