We are WildFlowers

August 25, 2014

I had been doing ok with not having any headaches, but lately around the start of this month; I have had head pain recurring more and more often everyday. It was to the point that I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine really, but now it’s back and it’s all I can focus on. I don’t know what I’m doing different from last month or the month before, but that’s one issue with having fibromyalgia; just never know when a flare up of things will hit.

Along with aching/cramping hands, head and face pain have been the issue this month mostly.

There are times when I have sore spots on my scalp that make my head hurt, makes sleeping difficult because it even hurts when on a pillow.

The worst pain is when a sharp shooting pain comes out of nowhere and is giving my brain electric shock, now I’ve never had any electric shock other than static electricity but I would imagine being struck by lighting feels like the pain in my head. [feels like static electricity but on the inside of my head and 10x worst]

I know a few months back when I got that sharp pain it was scary, it made me stop and drop to my knees it was so bad. It was so different from the normal migraine or any kind of headache, this didn’t feel like a headache. I felt something was going on with my brain, and it was like someone was pulling down the switch and I was in the electric chair.

I’m hoping that it doesn’t get that bad again, but I never know. Like I said this month the headaches are slowly creeping back up.

Another thing that happens is like this heavy pressure feeling, like my head is weighed down and it hurts to lift or lower my head. And can’t forget the spinning, that is the most crazy feeling. Even with my eyes closed I feel as if my head is spinning.

I hope that I can get through this week without reaching to any of those points. I’ve only had some pain at my temples and around my eyes a bit and the sore spots in my head today. There’s no telling what will happen tomorrow.

Read some info on fibromyalgia headaches at this link:
Also check out: http://themigrainediva.blogspot.com/p/advocate.html?m=1



Comments on: "Head Pain Is A Pain In The Head" (2)

  1. OUCH! A cluster headache maybe? You should see a neurologist I think. hugs, gerry


  2. Christine Snyder said:

    I have finally heard someone describe my head pain I get, especially the sharp shooting pains that happen. I have always got some type of headache. I’m so sorry you are also afflicted with this. I have been to the neurologist and they prescribe amitriptyline for it and it really doesn’t help much, it may take some of the edge off. Good luck I hope you can get some relief.


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