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My Skin Hurts

August 29, 2014

I have fibromyalgia but I have always had sensitive skin even as a child, which I sometimes believe I also have fibromyalgia as a child just it grew as I grew, and my actions made things worst. I mean is there really any concrete evidence? I don’t think so; so I can believe what I want.
Anyways back to my skin, like I said I have always had sensitive (weird) skin. I’ve always gotten bruised easily and had itchy skin, I used to scratch my skin till it bleed. Also I would get “heat bumps” on my back, it’s bad when I get hot or sweat my back itches. I have these tiny bumps on my back, mostly you can feel them if you can’t see them. They have gotten worst, I think I have sores on my back now, from scratching so much. It’s like the bumps on my upper back are inflamed or something, it’s bad after taking a hot shower.

But I never would have thought my skin issues would get worst, but one thing I have found that helps is when I shave. Shaving with a razor irritates my skin now, so using a electric shaver the kind with the 3 round circles, it’s much smoother. I have a huge place on my right line where a plain razor messed up my skin, while I was itching so my scratching made it worst. Once I shave everywhere I can reach or think of, I feel so good. I still itch bit snot as much, only when the hair starts growing back where the itching becomes annoying again.

When I was in the local dollar tree a couple weeks ago I saw this cream (Dr. Sheffield Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer) and thought I would try it, it’s only a dollar. It seems to be working well, I put it on my back and other places that need it and I don’t itch, but the itching does come back of course. http://www.medicationdaily.com/dr-sheffield-psoriasis-medicated-moisturizer

With sore skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin, easy to scar, it’s no wonder I’m still sane and not insane.



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  1. I’ve always had very sensitive skin and eczema like patches I used to go to the doctor to get cream for as a child. Now with fibromyalgia, it’s even worse. I wonder if there is a connection there?!


    • From what I’ve read there is a connection, many people with fibromyalgia have an issue with their skin of some kind. I also get dry patches as well, but I never had those before. But my itchy skin got bad after a few years actually knowin I had Fibro. And it’s gotten so bad at times nothing can stop the itching. I doesn’t matter what I put on my skin it would still itch. I am thinking also maybe it’s nerves in the body.


      • I bet a lot of it can be explained by the nerves. Most of the rashes are probably secondary but I am prone to hives and such too. Fibromyalgia seems to lead to a lot of other issues but I think it’s because once we are shrouded with the term fibromyalgia, no one wants to deal with our many issues. We are written off as attention seekers or hypochondriacs by the people that are supposed to be helping us.


  2. Very true and I always worry now that I may have something way worst wrong with me and I don’t even know. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a young child. And I’ve had many other things happen to be like car accident, falling on my back etc… Before finding out about fibromyalgia. I went to ER after my body cramped up from head I toe, I had never experienced anything like that and I was told it was just her cramps, drink a sports drink and call it a day. Slowly others sympotms started, I remember the first time smells began to bother me. I was diagnosed having fibromyalgia in Dec. 2008


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