We are WildFlowers

Sleepy Head

August 31, 2014

Today all I did was sleep, I woke up and ate, stayed up for a few hours before becoming sleepy, took a nap that felt like a good 8 hours. Woke up around 6pm and was ready to move around a bit.

Have you ever noticed that staying still causes pain and then moving too much causes pain, just can’t seem to win.

I did go out and take a walk, at first didn’t think I was because my knee and leg was aching when I started but I slowed down and worked it out. Also it was kind of muggy outside and I was sweating, not comfortable for me. I was ready to get back inside and take yet another shower. It’s so annoying being hot then cold then cold then hot.

Overall my day was great because I got to cuddle up with my hubby and sleep.

…”through Love all pain will turn to medicine.”


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