We are WildFlowers

See This Is Why

September 1, 2014

A day like today proves why I don’t go many places and be gone for very long. Day started off ok though, I got up and ate breakfast, which I didn’t have to fix myself so that was nice. I didn’t to go to the store for one thing, but not having her own car causes issues sometimes.
With my mom, it started off as one, two then turned into like five different stops, in and out the car, meaning in and out of cool air to hot air. I was feeling sick to my stomach, the breakfast had wore off and I was cramping up in my stomach and wanted to throw up a bit.
I was able to get some crackers, ate a few that helped some. I was still tried though, I just wanted to be back home, take this bra and clothes off and relax. Still when I returned home I had to cook, I hadn’t ate but also I wanted to have some dinner ready for my husband. While walking around the last store, I begin getting that pain in the back I my head, and it continued to get worst on the way home. And I began to think about that picture that showing the tender points of fibromyalgia and I was feeling them.

I told my mom see this is why I don’t go a lot I places and like to be out for very long; I feel bad [sick]

It was difficult sitting up, my legs were aching and sore, felt like all the blood was rushing to my feet or something. I tried putting my feet up but it wasn’t helping. It was time I get in bed soon. When I got in bed the leg pain was so uncomfortable, I plugged up the heating pad and soon fell to sleep.

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