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Waking Up

September 2, 2014

I know I should be thankful that God woke me up this morning to see a new day but…

How can one be happy about waking up; when waking up brings pain.

I got to do that morning bathroom moment, where you have to get up because it feels as if you’ve been holding your bladder full all night or something, hating to break the best sleep ever. I went to the bathroom and came to get back in bed. Here comes the fun part (NOT) I turn the heating pad back on to put kind on my feet before lying back down. As I lay down and adjust my pillow, I feel something. A slight pain my my right breast, I moved a little bit more trying to get right. Before I kneeing it started to feel like a cramp, I was hurting as I took in breathes and it felt like it was spreading. I could not move at this point, even though I tried; it hurt. I was able to use my feet and legs to eat the heating pad up to me. I placed it on my chest to try help relax the muscle. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cramp in my breast, or I just don’t remember. I don’t want to ever feel it again though.

So today my body is aching everywhere and it’s one of those days where I have to be extremely careful of what I do and how I do it because I could cause my body to have spasms and that’s no fun. Both my hands are aching, I feel like I’m having sharp nerve pain. There’s no telling what kind of pain I will experience today, right at this moment I’m getting this sharp, shooting pain in my right knee.

My husband said for me to take it easy before he left for work. Do I really know how to take it easy? I try to most days and fail. Even taking it easy hurts, I have to still do things if I want something, need something. It’s impossible for me to just lie I. Bed all day without lifting a finger. Even going to the bathroom I have to use my hands. I can’t get out of noticing or using my aching body, unless I sleep. But even not moving, staying in one position for too long causes stiffness.

How can I be thankful for this new day; when all I feel is pain



Comments on: "Waking Up" (4)

  1. Yes, waking up brings pain, but not just for us Fibro Sufferers, but for everyone. The entire world of people is in pain, it may not be physically, but it is definitely mentally. Both, you can feel, however, when you cannot handle the mental pain – it brings the rest of your whole body down, sometimes even to a demise.
    Just a reminder: there is always someone worse off than we are.


    • Trust I know, I try to be positive as much as I can, but this was just one of those days I wanted to express some feelings that I keep inside. Knowing that things could be worst is what I live by.


  2. Yes it will 🙂


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