We are WildFlowers

Letting Go and Moving On

September 10,2014

Yesterday was my husbands birthday and I baked him a cake, which I try to remember to do every year. I was happy because he spent his day with me at home, on the couch watching television. Nothing better than lounging around in pajamas, laughing having fun. I told him I miss those days like that, in the beginning this is all I needed and wanted. Days like that are priceless.

Today I woke early this morning, only to find out I had more time to sleep, then back to sleep and to be woken up again after sleeping so well.

I have decided to let go of everything that hurts me and focus on the love of things. I am able to move on from it, I won’t say that the thoughts of everything won’t come back, but for now I have some lovely thoughts on my mind and my birthday is also in this month so I won’t let anything ruin the rest of my September.

So day is going well so far, I’m feeling alright and I know I and loved, which keeps me going.

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.”



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