We are WildFlowers

Pain: Unwanted Guest

September 12,2014

Pain: Unwanted Guest

Pain is that one person who just stops by without calling or who won’t take no for an answer. Pain is a pain and no matter what it won’t leave, if it does it pops right back up.

Pain you are not welcome here, now leave.

7:30am and just had to do that first morning get up out the bed to go to the bathroom, and everything on my body stiff, aching, or sore.

Am I the only one who thinks getting in and out of bed is a workout and in the morning it’s torture?

This morning i have cramping all through my back into my stomach, feel that the most when lying down and I try and move.

The worst is my hands being stiff and aching, it hurts to even wash my hands, they cramp up when I do.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, let’s add chest, hands, legs, and back, along with everything else.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift your name up and praise you that you are the God that heals all. for some reason __I__ , despite my prayers I am in intense pain.

Lord, I know you want good things for your children. I pray that you express your love for __Me__by settling the pain in my body. Touch my body with the tip of your finger and I know that will do wonders.

I pray against my doubting heart that is troubled as to why this is happening, Lord. I promise you not to ask why anymore. I will trust that there is a good reason that I am not supposed to know yet. I trust that you are doing something amazing with this ugly pain that I feel.

Lord, have mercy on __My__body. Touch it, cool my forehead with the breath of your Holy Spirit, warm___My___ body with the comfort of your love. Fill the room with your presence so strong, that if you decide not to take the pain away, your presence will distract ___Me___ from this pain.

Lord, I love you, I trust you and I bow down and thank you for all the times you have answered my little desires. Lord, please don’t hold back your blessings. This is a big desire, and I come to you boldly with great expectation that you will deliver __Me___ from the spirit of pain. In Jesus’ name, I stand with my shield of faith, I cover__myself___ with it and I say, Spirit of Pain, be gone! ____I am___ covered in the blood of Jesus! Amen.”



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