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Day One of Water Fasting

September 13,2014

Day One of Water Fasting

I’ve been thinking about doing a fasting for awhile but have been doubting if I can stick with it or not, but I feel so bad to the point I’m really feeling sick not just in pain.

I was going to wait until Monday but I think I want to start and just do a two day water fast to see if I can do it.

I’m up and out with my husband it’s 11:46am I’m still working on my first bottle of water which is 33.8 oz am right now since I only woke up about an hour ago; I’m doing ok. I put some apple chips in my purse just in case I feel a little light headed or something while out here moving around. But I felt being out the house would be better than sleeping on and off all day. So far I feel like my “normal” self.

I have gone without eating for long periods of times before but the idea of not eating any good and just drinking water is going to be somewhat difficult; I will see what happens.

Okay 3pm and I felt I needed something because I had no more water, it’s not easy doing a fast on the go. If I was at the house I would’ve lasted longer. But I don’t consider this a fail because I ate a salad and still drinking water. Feeling very sleepy though, I’m doing this for my health. I am trying to get some control over my blood pressure and keep it down as much as I can.

5:46pm and I’m in bed about to fall asleep, so today went well and I had that salad but that’s ok, I’m still full of water. After drinking 2 liters, I’m so over it, at least I’ve ate much less and I had a nice bowel movement ( I know that’s gross sorry) I’m feeling alright just very sleepy.

7:30pm and I’ve been woken up, I was having some weird dreams and felt funny while asleep, I can’t believe for the life of me what it was. Anyways I guess maybe the water fast isn’t for me, I just need good sleep. I’m kind of hungry, the only way I’ll be able to do this is if I’m alone and left alone.




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