We are WildFlowers

Day Two…

September 14,2014
Day Two of Water Fasting (kind of)

A little after midnight and I’m up drinking water (1 liter), by my side just in case I need it. There are times well I’m sleeping when my stomach becomes empty and it makes me sick or it hurts, sometimes I even get cramps. One disappointment I about trying to get enough fluids is that I have to go to the bathroom so much just off of one glass.

Awake at 10:30am and I don’t hurt as bad as I did Friday morning, about the same as yesterday morning but there’s a difference in my hands for sure. I can move them a lot more than other mornings without pain of cramps or anything, there is still some joint pain in one or two fingers though. Going to see how today goes, can I do better?

Water, water and more water, I had to get though around 1pm, just a small amount of food. Even though I’m not doing this fast the way it should be done, I do feel pretty good today which is always a blessings to have a day with only a small amount of pain.

My face/skin is clearer so I love that and I am not itchy.

In time I will be healed in a way that is unexplainable. Not healed as cured, but healed as my mind is not causing more pain; with my negative thoughts.

My journey continues...





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