We are WildFlowers

Those Moments…

September 15,2014

When you’re sleeping and you’ve stayed in the same position for too long, now your body has turned into a statue.

When your bed hurts, your body is so sore that you can’t enjoy the comfort.

When randomly your body tells you to get up and move, just a feeling of needing to move your body around in hopes to feel better.

When all of a certain you smell something and it’s a strong smell and making you nauseous. But no one else smells it.

That moment when you’re all happy about being up, but your body is like I can give you maybe an hour the most then you’re going to need to go back to sleep.

When your skin is itching and you want to scratch your skin off.

When your body has found a new spot to hurt at; randomly it begins and you have no idea when it will stop or when it does, if it will come back again. [causes many to live in fear of pain]

When waking up only after maybe three hours of sleep, and not able to fall back asleep even though you’re very tired and sleepy.

}5:54am and I’m up feeling uneasy, my leg is itching and I have welts popped up on my leg where it’s itching at. (a life long thing since I was a child)

When your nose randomly it’s stuffy/stopped up but like on one side/nostril, runs for no reason at all.
}My nose is stopped up this morning, out of nowhere the left side starts to run and I had to hurry get up get a tissue.

When you’re sleeping so good and the day is passing you by, hour after hour. To get up or not get up; that is the question.

When you want to go out and when you do, it’s fun but returning home; your body is so tried and exhausted. It could bring tears to your eyes sometimes.

(I went out today and it was nice, but I couldn’t wait to get home to take my clothes off.)

When noises start to irritate you and all you want is peace and quiet.

Those moments when it’s not just a pain here and there, it’s a list of problems and you actually have to admit to yourself that you’re sick.

If we were to wear our pain on the outside; there’s no telling how we would look. (I would look scary for sure.) Tonight when we were out my husband saw dark circles under my eyes and said I must haven’t been getting enough sleep. I’ve looked worst but it does clear up a bit after good sleep but not much.

Both my arms are sore and I have no idea why, what did I do for them to be sore? I really don’t know.

My ankle became sore after being up for awhile, so I had it wrapped up all day.

So many of those unexplainable moments in my life with fibromyalgia.


Get Well Soon, Hope You Feel Better, these are terms I hear and I wish I could get well or feel better, but I can only hope for an okay or easier day, maybe less pain but never truly better.


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