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It’s My Birthday!

September 24,2014

It’s My Birthday

I am 30 years old today and my plans completely didn’t happen the way I wanted and everything got changed. On top of that my monthly cycle is on which totally sucks. So I’m going to try enjoy this day as much as possible.
Overall even though I’m in some pain, I am loved and I have someone to spend my birthday with, so I can’t complain.

I just hope I don’t end up sleeping my birthday day away.

So far I am still up, haven’t been to sleep yet and it’s 5:30am. I hit my shoulder earlier so it’s now really sore, and the pain began to spread throughout my body a bit. I’m so sleepy right now and can’t fall asleep. I have no idea how I’m going to celebrate my birthday today.

Its 10:50am and I’ve slept a little bit. But just now Totally unexpected my mom just asked me to get up and she surprised me with this pretty rose in a vase has this big butterfly on it (I love butterflies) also a cupcake, with a small container of coffee ice cream (my fav) and a card. and I also have gotten a lot of birthday love on FB from lots of people I don’t even know and some I do.

Even though today is rainy and cloudily there is so much love surrounding and being given to me today that I feel the sun is shining bright just on me.


My husband surprised me with making plans to eat at Cheesecake Factory but he went there ahead of tone to drop off a cake and candles which was 3 and 0 for them to bring out to me. The waiters and waitresses sung happy birthday to me it was nice. I had a awesome birthday and rain didn’t stop me from enjoying my day. I felt pain but I didn’t pay pain attention today.




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  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!


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