We are WildFlowers

Party’s Over

September 26, 2014

I’m one year older, now I have to remember that. Maybe say it over and over again until it sinks in.
This morning my legs are aching badly, even in my feet. When standing up my body feels so heavy, hurts my ankles. The weather changes; I’m feeling it now. I don’t think I will ever it used to all of this, even after many years, it’s like let me find a routine that works and a routine I can stick with and not stop.

“You get lazy.”

I’ve heard this so much in my life, that I’m lazy. Even someone who loves you dearly, has said it to you at least once. It’s their own opinion, and there’s no need to be angry because they just don’t understand. They aren’t in your body and don’t get how much this hurt and pains us.

Just want someone who knows you and loves you enough to know that if you could; you would, it’s not being lazy.

I refuse to over work myself just to prove to others that I can do it or show them I’m not lazy. At the end of the day they’re not the one who will be crying and in so much agonizing pain that they want to die. They’re not the one who has to figure out how not to be fatigued, and be alert enough to think clearly and not forget things, they’re not the one who will end up barely able to walk because of sore stiff legs. etc…

The cold weather is fast approaching now and it’s going to be another tough one, God Bless us all.


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