We are WildFlowers

Blinders On

Put Your Blinders On

As I took a walk this morning, a thought came to mind. With my huge headphones on, like two big buns on my ears. They were like blinders, and as the music played, it kept me going straight. I focused on the task at hand. Just like a horse in a race, with blinders, it can only see straight ahead.

Soon I noticed that I was moving at a faster pace and the finish point didn’t seem that long.

“I’m going to finish this mile in no time.”

I said to myself.

I wonder why I can’t mentally get to this point everyday though, it’s like I shut down. But I have to find that drive again, if I want change and want to feel and see change in my body. I did it once, so I know it’s possible, but, I have to stop having buts and just keep in my mind all the reasons why I need to just do it.

I want to finish this race and I want to finish strong.

Lord you woke me up this morning, I’m still here, I know I need to do better, I need to do more. I will and I am.



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