We are WildFlowers

Out Of Nowhere

October 10, 2014

Today started off well, good sleep, woke up and sat up watching tv. My mom asked If I would like to go out with her and I got ready and we left.

Went to the world market store, which I love and then back on the highway. Well on the road it was a lot of traffic and we moved maybe not even a inch and braked again. OUT OF NOWHERE (((((BAM)))))) rammed in the back, and our front end hit the back I a truck.

I’m just looking at my mom on the drivers side and she’s holding her head, luckily I did not feel any pain. I have no idea why but I thank The Lord that I didn’t and hope and pray I don’t feel anything in the morning.

My mom was alright after getting check by EMT and we went on about out day because he still wanted to go ahead and finish what she had to do.

The day turned around after some laughs and her car is still running, a messed up headlight, dent bumper and such.

I pray, I hope I nor my mom as to go to the urgent care in the morning. I’m am thankful that it was any worst than it was. And just my luck it’s storming and raining tonight.

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