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Hello Fall

Starting last night, well all day yesterday; I start to feel aching throughout my entire body. Soreness and aching in my legs were the worst. It’s that time of the month and along with rainy, cloudily days it’s taking everything out of me. I feel so bad, I haven’t felt this bad in awhile.

The one different thing is my eyesight is being affected today, it’s so blurry.

From my head, in my face (jaw pain), down my arms into my finger tips, in my stomach, down my thighs into my legs, through my ankles into my feet, cramping toes.

This is going to be a long week, I hope I can keep my mood calm.

A Quote to Remember: “If you don’t transform from your pain; then it was for nothing.”

I have gotten so much more in touch with myself since trying to figure out fibromyalgia and reading Gods word more often. My pain has taken be on a path of understanding and trying to have the deeper meaning to my life.

I felt so much better when I started not focusing so much on my pain and I put my focus on reading, thinking about Christ and praying. When I stop thinking about how bad I felt, I started thinking about the love I have. Not just love from family and friends but Gods love.

Today and probably the rest of the week will be a challenge, but I’m going to do my best to try and stay in my “happy place” keeping my emotions under control is going to take some work, but happy thoughts I will ramble through my mental to find.


Let your pain transform you into your best you.




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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Gentle (((hugs)))


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