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Invisible Film

Invisible Film 

Check out this t-shirt and tank, it could have so many different meanings and maybe nothing to others, but to me it means showing my pain on the outside. My illness being invisible to the world is difficult, and I support this movement of the @Invisible_Film because it’s what we all need; it’s time for the invisible to be seen. 

It makes me feel seen and this T-shirt will be a conversation starter and easier way to talk to others about what’s going on with you. 
It tells others that what I’m going through, dealing with is visible; it’s real. 

I hope this will help awareness by allowing a platform that many will watch, who doesn’t like watching a film, as they watch they will see and learn. I hope it opens their eyes and I hope it brings more support and awareness to my cause which is fibromyalgia.  

“Supporting the production of a documentary challenging the way society and western medicine view chronic pain and chronic illness.”


invisible Film t-shirt


invisible tank top

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