We are WildFlowers

One Day At A Time

Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, for will try to make up for that.
Saturday my husband and I went out to the North Carolina state fair and I’ve gotten to the age where it’s not exciting as it used to be, well frankly it’s never been that awesome, maybe ok for me. The food used to be better and the prices. Anyways, I knew it would’ve good walking exercise but it sparked a fibro flare. All the smells, the smoke for the cooking, the crowds, and standing and waiting. I already didn’t feel that good the past weeks I had been dealing with gas that had me feeling like I was going to die, so I was done with this fair quick and was ready to go.
My body was so tired, then Sunday was a lovely day out, and my husband suggested we talk a walk together, this doesn’t happen often so the fact he asked I couldn’t turn it down. It was a nice walk I walked it with no problem surprisely, but later on that night my thighs and legs were so aching and sore. My body was tired and I needed to rest, but still I end up getting up yesterday and going out again, still my body was aching all down my back into my legs.
Last night I began to experience more aching and head pain started, I knew I’m pushing it.
Today I want to try and do as little as possible, get some good restful sleep and try to relax my entire body, but I know it may take all week before I get to feeling better (maybe).
With the weather, I’ve been waking up stopped up and watery eyes, even a cough. I’m like great I guess semi-cold time. But I am thankful I never get really sick, my body goes through the motions but I never get a fever and all that but I do feel bad.

Have to be grateful and thankful for the small things, to know how to enjoy the big moments in life.


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