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Bra Causes Pain

Living with fibromyalgia, a bra becomes like a torture device. Lately have had pain on top of my shoulders, collar bone and completely around my body wear the bra rest. It feels like my bra tightens like hour by hour.
Even with the padded straps and it being an “18 hour” bra it still pains me. I rather not leave the house than have to put a bra on, but I’m blessed with a lot and need support.

Since the weather changed I’ve had a lot of severe body cramps, soreness. Aching and stiff joints that is mostly in the morning or whenever I wake up. Also depending on how much I do during the day, but being a lover of writing that means my hands and fingers ache all the time.


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  1. Camilla Cracchiolo said:

    Have you tried tizanidine (ZanaFlex)? I havent found it to do much about joints or general aches, but it is an absolute wonder for my muscle spasms. I have a lot of pain in my upper back, next to the spine and on the right side beside the spine and shoulder. It’s the absolute worst of all the pain I have an ZanaFlex knocks it right out. It’s not narcotic, in fact it’s Clonidine’s kissing cousin, an alpha adrenergic agonist, so you and your doctor will have to figure out any interactions wirh BP meds you’re on. Worth it, tho.


  2. I think it’s always important to ensure a good fitted bra and a style that suits your body. I find bravissimo to be the only company that can properly fit a bra to me (I have a convex sternum that doesn’t help matters!). But having said that, I avoid wearing a bra as much as possible due to fibro. Unless I am going out and doing something or wearing something that needs a bra, I wear vest tops with the support in them. So much better but not supportive enough to do much more than lounge around or potter about.

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