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Time Change

It’s been the craziest feeling since time went back. I waking up earlier and getting sleepy earlier, but I’m not feeling rested. Now I know that of course with fatigue and fibromyalgia, that one is going to not feel that rested anyways, still I was kind of doing a little bit better before the time change.

At least I feel I was, I could be completely wrong and was loosing my mind. It feels good to know this isn’t a fibromyalgia problem though because others around me have felt the changes as well.

And what about when it feels as if you’re lost the entire day, at five o’clock in the evening it feels like it should be like eight already (it feels late.) I really don’t remember feeling such a dramatic difference last year.
I went to sleep around one in the morning and woke after six. I’m very tired and I need so much rest. I want to be left alone, well I want to not be asked to do anything.

The one good thing about the time change though is that, I don’t miss anything by sleeping. I could fall asleep and wake up to find it’s still kind of early.


Comments on: "Time Change" (2)

  1. The time change just makes me want to sleep, and the beauty of it is, I don’t care. The weather here deserves to be slept through (nothing but full cloud cover)! Ok off to my Sunday afternoon nap. Wishing you blessed sleep too!


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