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Never Ending Pain

Today I have been trying my hardest to get REM sleep, but of course people want to bother me It’s crazy how when I’m rested, in a good mood and lonely, no one seems to be around or want to talk.
Anyways, finally as I’m sleeping and pretty good sleep, I go to moving and yep my body is so stiff, that it hurts to stretch out my arms. At this point I know I have to get up and move before I go into “tin man” mode. Wake up to find out I have to get dressed and go out in the cold, okay I’m woke now. And just my luck the heat in the car didn’t seem to want to warm up, so we were freezing. Then while riding I start to get sleepy, not enough to fall asleep, but kind of a drowsy feeling.
All I know is that this time seems worst than last year, to a certain point. Headaches are starting up again, I sure didn’t miss those.
From dealing with sharp, severe cramps from my period, along with the cold weather, doing daily tasks, painting walls in the house, and tonight I put down carpet squares in a room. I’ve been up and down on the floor, lifting, bending… My entire body aches so bad, back is killing me (stiff). I don’t know how I’m going to sleep, since my body is already stiff and aching; every time I move it hurts. My hand hurts from holding the cutter trying to cut carpet, I think I got a blister.
I need recovery time and I have no idea how many days it’s going to take for me to feel less pain.



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  1. But well done! You achieved a lot!

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