We are WildFlowers

No More Excuses

Excuses, so many can be thought up so easily. I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out to me, reminded me that I had said no more excuses this year, I would stick to my goals. That person asked me in a very caring way, had I been still working out. And I answered truly, I hadn’t been, not to the point I should.
It made me think of all the reasons I made up in my head why I couldn’t, and there the same amount or are far more, definitely more important reasons why I can and should. Number one reason is my health.
Really, think, what excuses have you been telling yourself?
The one everyone uses is “I will do it tomorrow.”
You have way more control than you may think to turn things around for you. You have to want change for yourself.
I may not know you, but this message is for you and I want you to know you are not alone. Today try and break away from one of those excuses that are holding you back.
I broke free today and pushed a little bit FUTHER.




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