We are WildFlowers

Wrist/Forearm Pain

I woke up this morning with sharp shooting pain going up my arms. The best way I can explain is that it feels like something being shot into my veins making them hurt. From my wrist up the inside of my forearm. To wake to my wrists hurting makes me sad because I’ve already been suffering from achy, sore fingers and my hands cramping up.
Last night I have back spasms start, now I’m wrapping my hands/wrists with ace bandages, with hopes that that will help. After getting both wrapped up, my arms now feel fatigued. Of course after trying to fix one problem area, it makes another. Maybe it’s safer if I just go back to sleep…only in my dreams; even in my dreams of myself I can’t dream of me being better. I’m always in pain, but in my dreams at least I’m somewhat happy more often depending on what the dream is about.
Okay the bandages didn’t last long, took off the left first because maybe since I’m right handed I put the left one on to tight, it was just uncomfortable. It did make the intense pain go away, but still it’s like my veins are sore. Certain spots, running up/down (length) of my forearm, when pressed are sore.
My right fingers seemed to be going numb and the problem area seems to be my thumb now, running down my thumb into my wrist, up my arm. My wrist are popping a lot now when I more them, after being wrapped up. Now it’s 10:08am woke up at 8:30am and I’m falling back to sleep. Maybe if I get some more sleep everything with relax and chill out.
Afternoon time and my attitude had changed about the day, since I got some sleep. Got up started a load of clothes and ate some soup. I see the sun out today, so I feel a nice walk coming on.
4:40pm- Just came back in from my walk, it was great. I even jogged a short ways to the mailbox. With watery eyes and nose, I’m tired but I feel good.

It’s amazing how a day starts off one way and turns around.



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