We are WildFlowers

Blurry Vision


I really have to get to a eye doctor and hope my eyes do what they’ve been doing lately in front of the doctor. Body does what it wants, my sight would probably be clear as day.

Seriously though my eyes have been getting very blurry. I think technology is to blame. Having my face in front of computers, smartphone, laptop, tablet, and televisions. I can’t go from watching a 40″ tv to watching a like 19″ and try to watch it from a far, nothing but blurry and I can’t read any words that shows up.

I knew it had gotten worst because one day while riding in the car, I had trouble reading the street signs clearly. It was a scary feeling.

Also I’ve somewhat stopped driving all together because with fibromyalgia and CFS, I’m worried I won’t be able to keep control of the car. Not only that if I were to drive it won’t be at night because all the lights, headlights, traffic lights etc… So bright and also sunlight hurts my eyes most times. (Migraines For Days)


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