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Every Morning


Fibromyalgia never seems to disappoint, does it. Every morning or whatever time it is,(morning somewhere) when I wake up I feel sick. Yes straight up sick.
In my body can feel everything that I did yesterday and up to the point of me finally falling asleep. If I aye to much of something, used my hands too much, moved a certain way too much, like simple up and down, from a chair, bed, couch or car. Whatever was done the day before I feel it in the morning.
I feel like I’m going to vomit, I try my best to prevent myself from gagging, because it can hurt terribly.
The thing now is my back hurting all day, every day, doesn’t like any position I choose to lay, sit or sometimes stand. It feels like it did after I fell directly on my back at a job I used to have. The doctor said other was broken, but it was some swelling, and I may have back spasms from time to time. Luckily the last few days I haven’t had any spasms, right some luck huh for me to be excited about that. Okay let me move on, before my luck runs out, I just felt a little something.y body knows I’m talking about it.)

I feel exhausted, and it can be heard in my voice, along with trembles. But only someone that pays close attention to me can notice I don’t sound that well. Most of the time it never matters, people don’t see the sickness and tiredness, and ask me to do this and that. I try to stay in bed or just in the bedroom as long as I can.
I’m sore and aching all over, but as always I have to be the strong one, and take care of others. My husband is sick right now, “the real sick”, the kind of sick that people recognize. So I’m up at 7am warming up chicken soup and squeezing fresh orange juice, because he can’t eat soup without juice and we only had oranges. So being a good wife I did it (sickness and health right)

And maybe it’s my fault that I don’t get this same kind of treatment, I’m not sure but I like my food and stuff done a certain way so it would probably be a waste of his time to try and be my nurse. (LOL)

It’s rainy outside, (pouring down rain) it’s going to be one of those days.



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  1. (((((hugs))))) I know exactly what you mean about every morning. Even if you dont think you did too much of something one day, the FM always lets you know about it the next day. Or if you’re lucky – the day after that.
    And back spasms – ye gods they can be brutal!!

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  2. Thanks Moongazer


  3. Hi, I enjoyed reading your posts. You spoke o having trembles….hat kind of trembles do u have, and where? Im curious because I have them also for the last year or so, dont know where they came from, usually feel them when im in bed trying to sleep.

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    • MelKay said: January 8, 2015 at 4:26 am
      Most if the time that’s when I feel them the most also is in bed. But I have had it happen in thd middle of the day, while sitting up. I feel it in my hands, face, throughout my body. I’m not sure what causes the trembles, but it makes my voice shake when it’s really bad.

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      • Yes, I feel them during the middle of the day too. I now feel them in my legs, abdomen area, shoulders, arms, and sometime hands. I heard that magnesium would be good to take as they control the nerves in your muscles and throughout your body. Fibro pain is based on the nerves. Well, let me know if learn anymore about these tremors.


  4. I will for sure do that I haven’t heard or came across anything or anyone talking about tremors lately but when I do I will make sure to post.


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