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Nothing New But the Year

Woke this morning with a made taste in my mouth. Last night I ate some food with onions(red) and even after brushing my teeth last night, the onion taste was left.
As always mucus had me wanting to gag. I put some honey on my tongue then slowly ate it, letting it coat my throat. For a moment it worked, them I sipped on my coconut/pineapple water, and still barely helped. I decided to sit up I’m the living room and eat peppermint for awhile.

(Just now as I’m writing typing this I just gagged really badly.)

Out of nowhere I started coughing and I couldn’t stop.

Soon (maybe not soon enough) the coughing eased away and I felt less like vomiting.

It’s still morning and I think it’s going to be one of those days, like always my body is tired. (Coughing came back)


Comments on: "Nothing New But the Year" (2)

  1. Fibro is a wily foe. Always a new trick. Weather has something to do with mine. Feel better soon


  2. Thank you revgerry


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