We are WildFlowers

Cold Morning

Every morning you may hate the getting up out of bed part, as much as I do…But that one morning when you rise and you’re able to do it fairly easy and there may be some kinks to work out. As you walk you snap, crackle and pop, and you may do a little stretch here and there.

Sometimes taking a shower helps because the water massages your body.

After doing your morning routine and putting on clothes, even if it’s just some more pajamas. You are ready to start your day, not knowing how your body will react.

It’s a blessing, when you start to move around with ease and your body isn’t screaming at you from the inside.

You know the pain is still there, but for the moment, you feel the best you’ve felt in a long time. Remember to still take it easy though, don’t allow Fibro to trick you.

Make sure to wake up and rise, because even though you know the pain will be there, you don’t know how your day will turn out.


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