We are WildFlowers

Used Car

I was thinking today and it came to mind, to explain how it feels dealing with fibromyalgia. It’s like having a used car, it can look really good on the outside, clean almost brand new.
You could look under the hood and around and to your eyes, everything seems ok.
It’s only when you drive the car, then you may make it down the road a mile and then out of nowhere, you start to hear weird noises. And the car begins to slow down until it can’t go anymore.
Just like that car people don’t know what you’ve been through, looking good on the outside, doesn’t mean things are alright on the inside.

Just because you’re sick, doesn’t mean you have to look sick.

Having no gas in your car, is how I feel when my body has no engery. I hate when people say, “YOU’RE ALWAYS TIRED.” But people don’t understand my life and how I live. And it’s times where people who suffer from other disorders, illnesses, treat us the same as anyone does. It’s like fibromyalgia is just a big joke, well tell my body that, and the millions of others suffering everyday.


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