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Is It Really Helping?

We have all been told that if we change our diet that it could possibly help pain in the body. I have read and been told that gluten free and such helps.

I must admit I wasn’t eating as I should nor getting enough of what I need. I don’t want to speak to soon, but since I have been serious about okay maybe not as serious as I should be, but it’s a good start, anyway… I have started mixing up smoothies. Since I’ve been doing this I have noticed a decrease in my pain, it really has reduced. like I said I haven’t been on it like I should and finding it hard to kick some bad habits. Hopefully before the end of the year I will have it down.

Problem #1: the people around me (LOL) there is always temptation around for me to eat what I shouldn’t, and sometimes I do it to myself. I start off good and then emotions kick in, or my cycle comes on which causes me to eat more or eat less, never know.

Blending it all up is a great way to get veggies and fruit together and in your body. And yes you could just eat them, but that’s no fun (LOL) but no I do eat solid fruits and vegetables as well.

Problem #2: weight has become out of control. Couple years ago I began losing weight because of stress, depression and anger. I worked out and walked because I, I guess I wish I could have just walked out of my life. I wanted change. My weight went down also because I wasn’t eating much and I was sleeping a lot. It got down to around 219 but it began going back up. Now I’ve gained weight because of depression, pain, stress, and eating too much of the wrong foods. I’m almost at 240 it yo-yo’s a bit from 235-238 lately. Having the extra pounds really affects me a lot, I can not only see the difference, I also feel it. Makes more pain in my legs, knees, feet, stomach. Makes me depressed about my appearance.

After starting the smoothies I was having headaches but my other major pain went away, like my lower back pain. Now yes I know fibromyalgia pain comes and goes in that way, but overall it really has stayed away for most part.

The weather has been so crazy and I have to say I’ve had worst pain in the colder months in the past, but so far I’m doing ok this year for now. But I am ready for a little more sun or less of a chill in the wind. Even though it’s cold outside that hasn’t stopped me from using the fan. My body temperature gets so high, I’m about to burn up. Feeling though my skin is on fire, sweating nothing but having the fan on cools me off. Then I become to cold, I slowly find a balance and able to relax but anything can throw that off.

Reason I need to get more serious:

*My Heart- heart related issues run in my family and I have high blood pressure (hypertension)



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