We are WildFlowers

To most people or all I am a non-working, complaining, anti-social, lazy, spoiled…and this list goes on.

For many years I’ve considered myself a writer, but six or seven years seriously I’ve been working on what most call a craft. I see it has a gift. Writing become so much to me and a few years ago I realized how it also could help others. Just may letting them no that they’re not alone in their pain, or struggle. So many times I stopped and told myself this isn’t it, I’m not good enough, never going to make it, it’s too late. Every single time i end up going bak to writing, can’t leave it alone. I have no idea if I’ll ever become a known author, or even be considered as an author, but it feels good to know I’m trying.

Having fibromyalgia has made it difficult to get a lot done. From not having a clear enough mind, to not being able to remember how to spell words, to being in so much pain I can do nothing. I end up watching tv or movies, or playing games to get my pain off the pain.

The amazing thing though is now I’m able to take all my crazy thoughts, weird dreams and whatever else and use it. I used I be so fearful of what I was thinking but realize those thoughts are what make a great story. What will make me different and stand out from the rest.

I don’t always want to write about the same things, how can I when my mind is all over the place. But I think all my stories will always have some form of pain in them, because one writes what one knows. And I know all kinds of pain.

I hope to finish a book in the next few months or at least this year for sure, so I can move on to the next. It’s been tough to work on it continually with other things going on. And people don’t understand why I enjoy being left at home so much, only time I can really write, but most times I end up not writing as much as I would like.

For example I was working on my book and then decided to write a blog post to all you lovely people. What can I say that’s just how things play out. It’s Sunday and I hope to rest, relax and write.

Here’s an sweet short insert from my book and the cover. Thanks for your time and blessings to you.

DaKarai and Kya pull up to an open field, they get out and she follows him to this small barn. He opens the door and it was set up like a country cottage. Kya was in awe at the place but he wasn’t done.
“Come on, this is the best part.” DaKarai said excitedly grabbing her hand and pulling her on. Outside in the back was a lake with a dock. They run down the dock and stop right at the edge. Kya holds up her dress, sits down and dangles her feet over the water. DaKarai sits down beside her and they begin to talk and joke around, it was like they were teenagers again, just hanging. They had both missed how it felt to be with a real friend, someone who truly knows you. The moonlight shined upon them, along with one light on a tall pole by the dock.


Comments on: "There’s More To Me Than Fibro" (4)

  1. Enjoyed reading this blog post, can so relate but with me it’s art, with my hands being shaky and not always steady makes it complicated to draw. Like you concentration is hard but once you start it’s like you in own world, but so often end up distracted with tv movies games like you just to give me that distraction.


  2. Cool totally get that. It’s times where I could be looking at something walk, ceiling, ground, floor, wherever and I may see something even a face and I be wanting to take a marker and trace out what I see lol I love art as well I don’t draw as much. I really want to try my hand at painting again maybe one day.


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