We are WildFlowers

Feb.24th was a long day for me. From being my moms birthday but her not being able to enjoy it because she in ER in a hospital bed. I started my morning off early crying because I the hospital wasn’t telling us anything over the phone and I was worried. Snow was falling, roads crazy but I got to the hospital to see my mom tell her happy birthday and kiss her on the cheek. I felt at ease a bit to know she is doing ok but I’m ready for her to home. They said they’re monitoring her, so I have no idea when she will be able to leave. 

I was crying my eyes out and having bad dreams the night before concerned about my mom. 

Not wanting to be depressed and crying the rest of the night, my husband and I had already planned to go to a basketball game tonight, so instead I went and I been tired all day. 

8:44pm and I’m still sitting here in this hard stadium seat up high and my body is sore, heading hurting a little. So much tension and I am enjoying myself an it’s taking my time off my mom. But I AM TIRED! 

Okay the game was entertaining even though my team lost, that’s alright because my mom favorite team won. 

When it was time to leave out, it was a crowd of people. I had to hold on to my husband so not I get lost in the swam of people. When we first got there he dropped me off in front of the building, but I ha to walk back to the car. My was about to DIE! It was up hill all the way. I start to sweat, the cold air is getting into my lungs, throat is hurting. I’m breathing hard unable to catch my breath. 

Now I know how people feel on biggest loser, I felt like I was going to vomit. I was coughing up mucus. Got in the car my calves were tightening up and my chest hurt, I’m still coughing now. 

11:46pm and I’m not quite home yet, my bed is calling me. IM COMING! Going to attempt to take a shower and I can’t do nothing else the rest of the week. YEAH RIGHT! 

When was the last time you said you would rest and do nothing and end up doing everything? 

Overall I had fun but it’ll be a long time before I do it again. 


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