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Sure I’m Ok

I have a new pain today, well not a new pain but  new spot where the pain is hitting me. 

This sharp pain in/around my ear runinning through the side of my face. Sorry it’s tough to explain, but it hurts so much. It comes and goes and I hope it goes and never comes back. (Wishful thinking) 

On the bright side I do get breaks but really I don’t. There is always some kind of pain going on, if not physically it’s mentally. 

I feel as if I can’t get all my emotions out, and I’m hiding out in my feelings. I can’t seem to let it all go. I don’t think I ever will. I’m filled with so many tears, anger and sadness. So those moments that I do have that make me laugh and smile and gives me true happiness, I treasure those times. Anyone who brings those moments into my life, are special people to me. 

Anyways I don’t want to random on I just haven’t posted anything in awhile so thought it was time let you all know how I am. 



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  1. Hi I was reading the information from fibromyalgia awareness regarding muscle twitching. I have twitches but what I have more of are vibrating tremors like, mainly in left leg but moves up to hands, lower abdomen, etc. Strangest and scarey feeling. Sometimes I feel it in my head throughout my scalp. They are real suttle tremors like. I dont see my hand or body moving on the oitside, but I feel it on inside, everyday and especially at nightwhen im laying still. Use to think it was restless leg since it started with one leg only. Then it would also be tingling and like pins sticking at various times also. But the trembling is everyday and night as if it has become a regular with me. Have u ever felt anything like this?


  2. Yes I have I know exactly what you’re talking about. There have been times I’ve seen my hands shake but mostly I just feel it in my body any and everywhere. I feel myself vibrating. Most times I think it’s because of anxiety but get its worst when I haven’t got enough rest and I’m tried, and I have this sick feeling. I think I have a post about me feeling that way, I will look for it.


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