We are WildFlowers

Off To A Rough Start

This morning I wake to notice that I’m choking, something going on with my throat. It’s like it’s swollen, every time I swollen it’s something there blocking. Could it be my glands are swollen?
I start to gag a bit, totally thought I would have thrown up my now, but I’m trying my best not too. The gagging is enough to make me want to vomit. I’m wishing I was still sleeping now because it seemed as through I was sleeping ok, with no problems. It’s just now I don’t know what to do, I got just stop swallowing. I drunk something warm thinking it would help, it did not.
I sure hope this is not what I have in store for; for today, if so I may cry. At times it feels like it’s becoming better, but I’m just fooled. It feels as if I have mucus in my throat and I just need to cough it up and everything will be ok, but that’s not the case. I really sorry if this is gross, just trying to explain how I’m feeling the best I know how.
I hope I can stay motivated enough today to keep my mind off of it. If I can focus on something else maybe it won’t be so bad. I need to brush my teeth, but I know it will hurt because it’s going to cause me to gag so badly.
I hope your day starts off better than mine, and may your entire day be blessed.


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