We are WildFlowers



May 25, 2015
•Squats 3 sets of 10 

May 26, 2015 
•Sit-ups 4 sets of 10 
Now I haven’t been able to do a sit up in a very long time because of the tender spots on my back side, but I figured out a way. I lay down on the bed and the way my head and foot broad is made I’m able to stick my feet in the foot broad to help pull myself up. It works well and I felt so proud of myself. This is my first day trying it and I will be sticking with it. 
•Squats 4 sets of 10 
•Leg Lifts 4 sets of 10 

May 27, 2015 
•1 mile walk 
Legs were very sore from the squats and almost talked myself out of getting uptoday, but I knew I needed to just do it. And I did and guess what? I’m still alive and breathing. Legs are sore and stiff but I need to see if pushing myself is worth it. Either I succeed or I push so hard that I won’t be able to move at all for a long time.

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