We are WildFlowers


No matter the heat it’s nice to step out and see the blue skies. It kind of feels like a recharge yet draining at the same time. With the high temperatures, you may not be able to stay out long but maybe a nice slow walk to the mailbox, or to get the newspaper, or just walk out and stand there , inhale and exhale. Turn around and go back into the cool.
Having fibromyalgia is tough because with too cold or too hot temperatures, it can be very uncomfortable and causes pain. I live my life trying to find balance. Which is ironic because I’m a Libra which are the scales, I’m always weighing through pros and cons.
Trying to find the best out of a bad situation is tough but it must be done. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t find at least one thing to laugh about each day.

Always remember, don’t allow the pain to change you into someone even you hate, let the pain change you into someone better than you knew you could be.

-Kerra M.Pridgen

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