We are WildFlowers

Pushing Forward

It’s eight in the morning and I’m not feeling that great, not sure what’s going on with my body. It started last night seems my menstrual cycle is playing with me like always. I’m seeing stuff, then it disappears. Along with that I’m dealing with gas and my feet hurt, ache, they feel stiff. I have that slow limp walk this morning. Normally I don’t start walking more straight until way later in the day, after walking out the kinks so to speak.

While lying in bed I’m checking my email, bed has become my favorite place over these years. Anyways I open a email and I read:

“Give me a sense of humor, Lord, The grace to get over this hump, To get some humor out of life, and make it through this slump.”

How perfect is that? When I’m feeling sick, I needed that but will that be enough to get me through this day? I wasn’t sure until I finished reading through the email and read this:
Today’s Inspirational Quote:
“Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember the challenges you’ve met, and all that’s behind you. The battles you’ve had, and the victories won. The fears you have faced, and the confidence you’ve gained. Whenever you’re weary, remember this and keep moving forward.”

Ok the afternoon has arrived and after some sleep I’m up, but feeling blah. Nice thing though is I have the house to myself. YES! I’M HOME ALONE! why do I love it so much you may wonder?
I don’t have to answer to anyone, I don’t have to so anything for anyone. I can sleep peacefully I want. I CAN DO WHATEVER! I can be my crazy emotional self without trying to remain same or “normal” if that makes any sense.

But note I feel like I need support around my ankles and my right foot feeling heavy for some reason. And to all the women reading have you ever had issues with your breast or nipples? I don’t know if it’s nerves or what but a tightening feeling happens and it begins to wrinkle up around my nipple. I never know how long it will last but when it’s over it’s back to normal, smooth and like nothing ever happend. I also it a pulling feeling in my breast, not sure if this just happens to me because I’m heavy chested or it has something to do with Fibro.


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