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My Skin

2:30 in the morning and I feel something on my left thigh, it’s these bumps that have just appeared and there was nothing pressed up against my skin to make this happen. I’m not sure why this happened but only reason I’m giving it more thought is because I read an article one day about “chicken skin” and there was a picture. I think I had seen this before in my skin but wasn’t sure until just now when thy popped up. I took a picture you will see below, hope you can see what I’m talking about. It went away after about an hour, my skin was smooth like it never happened.
While researching there is a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, which causes this. I don’t know if that’s what is going on with me or not.
It could be from Gluten Intolerance:


I also get welts, hives, whatever you want to called it. I’ve always had sensitive skin, even as a child. So this is quite normal for me.

Ever since the word got out about gluten, I’ve been wanting to try and see if removing it from my diet would help but it’s been so hard. I really end up eating whatever I can eat, my taste bids are too expensive for my budget. If I’m lucky I’m able to get some vegetables and fruits. It really makes me feel that I should just start a raw diet, nothing but fresh uncooked veggies and fruit. Which I would totally get bored of. I’ve been trying my best though, I just got seem to get this right. And it’s so hard watching others eat what you shouldn’t, even harder when you’re the one cooking it for them.




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  1. Does your soap contain any SLS’s or SLL’s? Those and artificial fragrances and dyes cause a whole slew of skin conditions. I suggest switching for while and see if it helps…cheaper than going to the doctor and it’ll put your mind at ease after searching the internet for a cause. 😊


    • Thanks it could be that, I ran out of soap and had to use whatever someone else had so. But as a child my mom said the doctor told her to only use dial you know the plain gold bar. For years that’s what I used and then it started to no matter I just still itched. And I get that creepy, crawly feeling on my skin a lot now.


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