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Pain Like A Heartbeat

July 10, 2015

Pain Like A HeartBeat

Pain will start the day before and follow me throughout the night and will rise with me in the morning.

It could be any place on my body, from head to toe. It could be more than one spot, I never know.

Every time my heart beats, a pain, ache or sore is right behind.

It makes me want to cry, all the pain I have inside.

I look normal on the outside, therefore no one knows how awful I feel.

It’s hard when people think you’re living a lie.

The only way I can explain is; think of your heart beat. If you were to count your beats per minute, that’s the same as how often I feel pain. And how your heart keeps beating even while you’re sleep, my pain keeps going and most of the time keeps me from getting any sleep.

Fibromyalgia pain comes with every beat of a heart.

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  1. ((((hugs))))


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