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Living On A Budget

I think everyone these days are living in a budget but when you may have a chronic illness that has made you quit your job or work less, it means so much more to find deals and save a dollar.
This morning my mother and I rises and shined and ok maybe I wasn’t really that sleep anyways. We headed to our local Food Lion store that has an awesome sale going on an you get a free bag of groceries, alright it’s not a full bag and they just have some random items in it but it’s still nice. And you get the reuseable bags, which always comes in handle.


This is what you get in the bag. And you also get the free green bag when you check out. Note you do not have to purchase anything to get the free blue bag of items.



One of the things that caught my attention was 10lb russet potatoes(5.49) buy one get one free.


Now I know that many of us are special diets or can’t eat anything but fresh fruits and vegetables. I know that I’m going to get a lot of complaining comments on this but to the people who will appreciate it, thank you.
Please check where you live to see if your local Food Lion is doing this as well.
The others specials I got was as follows:
▪️Buy two packages of slice cheese and get free eggs.


▪️English Muffins buy one get one free


▪️Four cans of soup and get free crackers.


▪️Bread buy one get one free


▪️Texas Pete Hot Sauce buy one get one free


There are many other deals also like Hamburger Helper is on sale 88cents each. http://foodlion.com check to see your local sales paper to see it all.

It’s crazy how I actually feel good this morning, everyone was nice at the store which made me feel even better. I almost want to cry a bit because I feel peace right now. I know many of us don’t have many moments or if any moments of not feeling pain, but if you have ever experienced almost zero pain you know how I feel right now. I’m talking about only maybe a little ache here and there but it’s nothing. I cherish those moments. I feel so good I almost want to excerise (almost)

Everyone  have a wonderful day and I wish for you all to have less pain. Please if you do not like this post, just don’t comment. If you don’t eat the items shown in the pictures or if the items are not food for you or people which fibromyalgia or any other illness please don’t be negative. I just thought this would be something nice to share for people who live on the same means as myself, and have to make do with what we can get.


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