We are WildFlowers

Winter Symptoms Start 

November 23, 2015 7AM
It has started everyone the winter symptoms. All symptoms are a pain but for me winter can be more painful especially my mornings. 
This morning I woke up and when I tried to swallow it really hurt and also felt a burning feeling. It was very scary for me, I’ve never felt that before. Yes my throat has been sore before but not like this. 
Among others things going on with my body I feel like I’m dying. I think I’m feeling those flu-like symptoms, along with my feet seem swollen and they hurt when I walk. 
Today I look like how I feel and others may say different but I can’t even hide it like usual. 
All last week I’ve been feeling crazy weird and here at the start of this new week I feel worst. 
The pain is one thing but when you feel a sickness in your body; it’s different. I actually feel sick. 


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