We are WildFlowers

Hours of Cramps/Spasms 

I had a wonderful day today. I exercised and got in all my “required” water. I felt proud of myself. But this happiness didn’t last, I decided I wanted to do something grown-up. (Bad idea) 

I felt the spasm start or cramp, I’m not sure which or if both are happening. All I know is that it’s painful. To move it hurt and when I’m able to get myself up, with every step I take the spasm gets worst. 

It’s been a few hours now I think, it feels it’s been a long time. The pain is in my stomach, vargina, butt areas. On top of that I have had, which when the gas comes it hurts when the air tries to release. 

Also with all the water I’ve drunk today, I’m having to go to the bathroom a lot, which sucks because it is very uncomfortable sitting on the toilet with cramps and spasms. The worst is when I left it’s over but it starts up again (off and on.) 

The pain is unexplainable… 


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